30 July 2009


Liam Witt is the bravest person I've NEVER met. His parents are former colleagues of mine, and Larry is the only one of the three with whom I have spoken. Since February of 2007, Prince Liam has been battling neuroblastoma. I have been following his progress for the past two years, and though I know him only from photos and his parents blog, I celebrate his good times and I am saddened by his bad times. His story touches me everytime I sit down at my computer.

Today he is in surgery, as he suffered a relapse in mid-June. I cannot begin to understand how his parents must be feeling at this point, but I am writing this to ask that everyone out there remembers the Witt family in your thoughts and prayers.

I would also ask that the generous amongst you pay a visit to www.cookiesforkidscancer.org. Gretchen, Liam's mother, founded the charity to help raise funds for pediatric cancer research, as it is severely underfunded. It started out as an idea to help raise money during the holiday season, but they will turning 1 this September. The cookies they sell are fabulous, but you can also show your support by hosting a bake sale. I was able to raise a few hundred dollars, but with the help of other like-minded folks, I believe we can do better than that. I am trying to spread the word about their charity, because I believe Prince Liam and other children like him deserve every shot at life that they can get.

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